Thursday, 14 July 2011

Butterfly Collector

From today's photoshoot with Dominika. This is the third time we've met to take some photographs. 2 hours of photoshoot ( which means quite a little), and 4 different ideas involving vintage dresses and accessories. More to come soon, though I'm already stuck with a good bunch of images from the other photoshoots. Ahh, time, it's never enough of it :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Let It Show

Some images from the photoshoot that I organized yesterday, my beautiful model's nickname's Nela and that's the 2nd time we've met for taking images. There will be some renaissance influences, as well as theatrical & religious motives. More to come soon...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

If Came The Hour

If came the hour, if came the day.
If came the year, when you went away;
How could i live, I'd surely die,
What would I be if you say goodbye?

How could I laugh, how could I love,
Could I believe in a God above?
How could I hope,how could I pray.
If came the hour,if came the day.

But you are here, lying beside me.
I watch you breath, each raise and fall,
Without you here, then there would be,
Nothing at all.

If in this world, all things must pass
And we must raise, the parting glass,
No words would ever come, what could I say.
If came the hour, if came the day.

How could I live, if you should go away
If came the hour, if came the day..

If came the hour, if came the day?
(Secret Garden)