Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Every Shade of White

first images from my recent photoshoot with Agata. More to come soon :)


  1. Wszystkie piękne, ale pierwsze najbardziej :)

  2. Cudne i ta obróbka :) Wyszedł rewelacyjny klimat!

  3. My dear, you are Julia Margaret Cameron reincarnated...but with the benefit of glorious color! Your work is stunning and I am so happy to have stumbled up it! I have degrees in literature and art history, I grew up loving the PRBs and all their later brothers, and I wrote my thesis on John William I'm sure you can appreciate that finding your work is like finding home. If I had the money I'd fill a room just with your breathtaking images.

    Hope Ava

  4. Dziękuję , bardzo mi miło:)

    Thank you kindly for stopping by and your words, they mean a lot! So lovely to find out there are souls fascinated with the same certain kind of aesthetics as I am. This is all highly appreciated, thank you Hope Ava :)