Sunday, 16 May 2010


"Frightnight" is one of my all-time-fav movies and I've been actually thinking of taking some photographs more or less inspired by this film & series. Well, I still haven't done it but one of the images from a shoot with Caradelneil made me think of this theme and I couldn't help but name the image "Frightnight". There seems to be a real vampiric "revival" and I don't really mean this poor "Twilight" saga ( I've seen it and I'd rather forget...). So, I keep searching through my own movie archives and have already re-watched two parts of "Frightnight", "Vamp" with fabulous Grace Jones, "Vampire's Kiss", "The Hunger" & "Near Dark" and I can't wait to see "The Lost Boys" as soon as I get it on a dvd. yes, it's just the 80's keep trendy and for me it's all about all these creepy movie stories. Besides there's nothing more sensual than a bite in the neck, accompanied by the sounds of any hit by Classix Nouveaux, heh...

Frightnight, 2009

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