Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Remember Me...

Remember Me, 2009/2010


  1. To Malgorzata, Greetings…...

    Wonderful work as always... ( well, nearly always ;p ). I like passing well the Curious Castle which looks like it's been shot thru Frosted Glass (is that some sort of mysterious metaphor?!). A bit of a new direction perhaps?

    The portrait has an unusually pure Victorian look, no hint(as far as I can detect) of a contempary twist. Was that the intent, I wonder?

    BTW, there's a reply to your DA note awaiting you on... well, on DA, obviously. Apologies for the delayed response, I'’ve been offline for several weeks… and may well be so again for much of April… but at the moment I’m ‘connected’! Further apologies re “"leaving you confused”"! In past communications you have often understood so well the subtle nuances of English (both in the reading & the writing) – better than many English ppl to be honest(!) that I sometimes forget it is a second language to you. Hopefully I've managed to write this particular DA note in a more clear & comphrensible way!

    Finally… Re what yousaid about: "“maybe see you somewhere..."” :
    Hmmm, if you’d like to arrange a rendevous while you are over here it would be an honour to meet you. Perhaps, if I may make so bold, we could even do a little of Artistic Collab Project of some sort?

    I could also introduce you to various models,artists & general kooks on the UK Dark Culture / Goth / Metal / Steampunk / Clockpunk Scenes who I suspect would be enchanted by your work.

    I don’t know wether you plan to travel hither & thither across the Kingdom, or stay in one place. As for myself: normally I’'m based in Sheffield (a large city roughly in the middle of England, near Leeds & Manchester)… but as I may well be living the life of a Feral Tomcat & Wandering Troubadour this year I’'ll be here there & everywhere!

    A good place to meet not just this mangy Mooncat, but a vertiable horde of the Coolest of the Cool, the Weirdest of the Weird, would be the Yorkshire costal town of Whitby (as feat in 'Dracula') during one of the bi-annual WGW (Whitby Gothic Weekend) Festivals. Actually it's become more like a week long rather than a weekend in recent years. It's a sort of multi-venue Town Festival (rather than a muddy field with 10,000 ppl in sort of Festival) so it's all fairly civilised! Even if you don't have tickets for the official Festival (I don't for the April one due to lack of cash, amongst other things) there's lots of free / low cost satellite events, gigs, etc at night... and during the day there is much promanading by the Gathering of Dark Bohemians of sundry kinds: so a veritable goldmine for Alt Photographers / PS Artists. I am reliably informed that Vionna herself sometimes travels over from Germany with her camera for WGW.

    Anyway, more info in the DA note, if you're interested...

    *tips tophat*

  2. Felicitaciones por tu arte!

    Saludos desde Argentina, Joe