Sunday, 21 February 2010

Love, eternal...

These images come from 2009, my lovely model was Joanna, a talented dancer and a cheerful person- sometimes it appears so striking when one comes to conclusion that these somewhat disturbing , otherworldly features stand out in opposition to someone's energetic personality. But I love it, even more as I realize that some stories get another meaning, and this is exciting...I'm packing my things and thinking of my trip to UK. In a little while I'll start a little search for souls that would like to cooperate with me and pose. Or maybe you'd like to share some knowledge of haunting and one-of-a-kind places that I definitely should visit in UK... if so, please let me know at


  1. piękne zdjęcia, mam nadzieję, że podróż będzie udana i przywieziesz wiele zapierających dech w piersiach zdjęć:) Pozdrawiam!!!

  2. hah, thank you kindly for suggesting this ;) and for your email, and yes, I have to visit Cornwall, it's on the top of the list actually :)