Thursday, 11 February 2010

Thank You

Thank you for all your recent comments, emails and other messages. There are so many that I finally realized how long I've already been "offline" and find it difficult to respond personally- but I've read all your notes and I appreciate them really much, thank you.
As for my recent post- some of the prints are still available, while I've sold a couple of other ones (not necessarily mentioned here) . So, to make things clear- there's now an option of purchasing prints that can be found in my online portfolio, not only here. However, as I am planning a longer leave abroad (around the end of March), please be aware of the fact that after the 2nd week of March I won't be able to offer any prints, organize shipping etc., so the so called "sale" won't last long. I only sell signed and limited prints so the number of copies of each image is also very limited... And already looking forward to seeing some Pre-Raphaelite paintings "live", meeting some of my best friends, enjoying the charm of Victorian architecture, and spending some time for myself in a different climate... what comes out of this- time will show. I think I am very curious and a bit afraid. Oh well. Be well.

2009, fot.M. One of my favourite places.

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  1. To Malgorzata, Greetings from The Burnt Out Ruins of The Dreamtowers of The Silver Moon...

    Gosh! So, where are you off to on your travels... if you don't mind me asking? Heh! In that photo you look like you're going : "Oh damn, I've lost my favourite Pre-Raphelite hairslide!" Y'know the one with lilies & a dragonfly of wrought silver, encrusted with mother of pearl, moonstone & a single saphire twinkling in the obsidean night of your hair like the Space Station that is now the brightest star in the sky...