Friday, 27 November 2009

Stand And Deliver

Stand And Deliver, 2009

Don't fade away
My brown-eyed girl
Come walk with me
I'll fill your heart with joy
And we'll dance through our isolation
Seeking solace in the wisdom we bestow
Turning thoughts to the here and everafter
Consuming fears in our fiery halos

Say what you mean
Mean what you say
I've heard that innocence
Has led us all astray

But don't let them make you and break you
The world is filled with their broken empty
Silence is their only virtue
Locked away inside their silent screams

But for now
Let us dance away
This starry night
Filled with the glow of fiery stars
And with the dawn
Our sun will rise
Bringing a symphony of bird cries

Don't bring me down now
Let me stay here for awhile
You know life's too short
Let me bathe here in your smile
I'm transcending
The fall from the garden


(Dead Can Dance "Don't Fade Away")

Monday, 23 November 2009


Not Again III, 2009

Not Again, 2009

Not Again II, 2009

One model, various expressions. Lovely Jezebel posed for this today afternoon. I will be back soon with some new posts, please stop by from time to time. Cheers

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Kalendarz 2010/ Calendar 2010

My new 2010 calendar is now available at CALENDAR . To see larger versions of the images included, choose the months below the frontcover image. Printed on quality card stock, wire bound and ready to hang.

January - Dreams Made Flesh, 2007

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The View From Here

The view from here is a view to coming winter, cold days and even colder nights, some new musical releases ( e.g. adorable new seasonal album released by Tori Amos ,it's called "Midwinter Graces" ), and flu... Although I've recently suffered from a terminal lack of free time, I got a chance or two to have myself a little second-hand hunt for fabrics and gadgets that could be used in my images. And I was lucky to find these...

the first image shows something that I would see as a very free variation on Italian baroque gowns :) On a shameless price of a double McChicken. I just added all this white stuff, the beautiful blue tafeta pattern is left the way I got it. In the recent post you could see a model wearing this lovely gown.

The second photo shows a set combined of two Indian dresses put together with an old vintage blouse and an amber heart necklace. A sort of inspiration by an everyday Victorian outfit of a lady who's just came back from some exotic vacation... from Ceylon perhaps :) I don't have time to sew costumes from the very beginning now, however it's great to have such a search from time to time, it works no worse. These two costumes, however, are to be used no earlier than in Spring, and I'm desperately looking for some winter gowns and velvet robes. And I am also looking for interesting books on the history of XVIII & XIXth century fashion, any suggestions of the titles would be fine.

P.S. Przy okazji serdeczne podziękowania dla za przemiłe wyróżnienie, pozdrawiam :)