Friday, 16 October 2009

Sorrows Of The Moon

Tonight the moon dreams in a deeper languidness,
And, like a beauty on her cushions, lies at rest;
While drifting off to sleep, a tentative caress
Seeks, with a gentle hand, the contour of her breast;

As on a crest above her silken avalanche,
Dying, she yields herself to an unending swoon,
And sees a pallid vision everywhere she’d glance,
In the azure sky where blossoms have been strewn.

When sometime, in her weariness, upon her sphere
She might permit herself to sheda furtive tear,
A poet of great piety, a foe of sleep,

Catches in the hollow of his hand that tear,
An opal fragment, iridescent as a star;
Within his heart, far from the sun, it’s buried deep.

(Charles Baudelaire " Sorrows Of The Moon " )

edit: sold

I have some sorrows for sale, anyone interested? ;) Just joking... My "Sorrows of the Moon" work was inspired by this fabulous poem written by Charles Baudelaire. Just found "her" today while I was rearranging my print archives. Framed in a fabric sheet "white marble" passepartout, ready to put in a 21x30 cm frame , signed and limited to 20 copies, matte photo print. I will sell this little sorrowing lady for 83 eur ( shipping included ). I rarely offer prints for sale, so please take it a sort of an express sale. Only one print available. For more information please write to me at And read some more Baudelaire, no doubt a genius...


  1. If I had 83 euros, I would buy it
    I am gasping to buying it, it so sad to be poor in those days :)
    Beautiful Print!!!!!!!

  2. i agree with St. Ainolopa! again, another divine piece!