Monday, 31 August 2009

All Virgos Are Mad

Unable to find a proper title for this post, I borrowed one from a 4ad cd compilation. Also, I've been so much into motives of hidden feminity and sensuality recently that nothing better would come to my mind, I'm afraid... So, last Sunday I had a shoot with lovely Caradelneil. Did I mention that I can't stand the fact that Summer has almost gone? Ah,, in a sort of fever I'm trying to catch the last rays of the sun, and working quite intensively. I'm also...going to buy an antique armchair for some future sessions... go for a trip to see a friend that I haven't seen for 3 years or more, and I'm really excited.I hope she's too, heheh ...going to tidy my apartment. Finally. I'm also desperately looking for vintage costumes for men as a couple of shoots are on the list, yet I'm not going to take simple portraits... to cut the long story ( post ) short, I'm busy & quite happy with this fact....As for inspirations - please, check "Raspail" by Arcana ,a moody, illustrative music with a little bit of orient slipping through these sounds.
Below are some images from the latest session. For more, please check my portfolio on carbonmade.

Deep, 2009

Lisbeth, 2009

The Eye, 2009


  1. I get carried away with the Eye, this is so beautiful! The posture! The colours! The dress!
    I'm going to jump out of my small window :) fabulous!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Spring, I hate Summer :) Have fun with your friend!

    I wish you all the best, take care.

  2. oh wow! i think these could be my most favourite ever! i especially love "the deep". the costumes are just divine! ok, where can i buy a photograph? i am in love! and, thank you for the musical inspiration as well! just amazing! love, love, love!

  3. St. Ainolopa, thank you! I'm glad to read that you liked ' The Eye", it's my favourite too, actually :)

    Dzięki Krzysiu ! :*

    RowanDeVoe, thank you so much! As for your question about the prints- I only offer limited & signed prints from the exhibits. If I have " Depp", I'll let you know, though!