Friday, 31 July 2009

This And That

Just to let know I am still around ( though temporarily offline ) - I'd love to share some news of a smashing release I stumbled upon recently - Mors Syphilitica & an album called " The Rituals Of The New Poison " ( or is it " The Order Of The N.C.S ", heh, I'm confused, it seems there are two titles...or two parts , or even two releases combined? Please, enlighten me, someone ). Anyway, this is something for fans of atmospheric music - darkwave with neoclassical elements ( oh, this enchanting Lisa's voice , I adored it ) , this isn't a new material -some 1995/96 , as far as I remember . I have already found here a bunch of inspiration for my own work, so please check it out :) ...and as for me, I am now learning how to use InDesign software. Difficult, difficult :(

Spirit , 2008


  1. oh, that is fantastic! i love that band! your imaginary is perfect for it!

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  3. Thank you for stopping by ! Aren't they wonderful? I must admit I knew their recent release but only now stumbled upon this early one. Great, anyway!