Friday, 31 July 2009

A benefit to Help Korea's Comfort Women at the House Of Sharing

I have the honour to take part in a charitable exhibition at the Palisades Park Multimedia Center , New Jersey ( details in the poster) that will start today, Friday Evening, July 31. Over 50 visual artists will display and share their works, so please, if you live in the area, you still have a chance to take part in the event, the idea is worth presence, I think.


I rather supposed that the nasty nun spirit would bring about this sort of surprise. Thank you for interest, 666 good souls

This And That

Just to let know I am still around ( though temporarily offline ) - I'd love to share some news of a smashing release I stumbled upon recently - Mors Syphilitica & an album called " The Rituals Of The New Poison " ( or is it " The Order Of The N.C.S ", heh, I'm confused, it seems there are two titles...or two parts , or even two releases combined? Please, enlighten me, someone ). Anyway, this is something for fans of atmospheric music - darkwave with neoclassical elements ( oh, this enchanting Lisa's voice , I adored it ) , this isn't a new material -some 1995/96 , as far as I remember . I have already found here a bunch of inspiration for my own work, so please check it out :) ...and as for me, I am now learning how to use InDesign software. Difficult, difficult :(

Spirit , 2008

Monday, 20 July 2009

Requiem In White

Requiem In White , 2009

I spent a very nice photographic Sunday, a couple of results will appear here in a little while. Here are some of them , with lovely Akashaa posing for vampiric shots.

Requiem In White 2, 2009

I Can Wait 3 , 2009

Friday, 17 July 2009

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cecile's New Video & Embroidered Queen

Cecile Corbel, a talented French harpist & vocalist, whose recent album is covered by one of my illustrations, has already released a new video. I loved the atmosphere in it so much that I decided to share it with you. The feel of Wuthering Heights with a tiny bit of The Ring in one? The wind and the witch. Adorable, anyway, so please check it out.

Cecile's official site:

I'm also posting some images of a hand embroidered tunic that arrived to me recently. Oh, I simply adore it and can't wait to use it in some images. Also, please check this site ,a smashing collection of vintage clothes. I'd have to work 25 hours a day to get some of them, but one can always have a look and dream ... ;)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I Married a Witch

The title has been following me for quite a long time, as far as I remember it's from some famous tv series, am I right? ( I don't have a tv set ). Jeanette is one of my favourite models and a dear friend of mine... we rarely shoot together ( since I moved away ), which I really regret. She doesn't pose, she always enjoys the game and plays the first role. This is a rarity among models, as well as it's so rare to find a person that will get involved in the project with all their heart. Jeanette is an artist too, maybe that's the mystery behind this full understanding. Cheer up, Jeanette ; )

* I Married a Witch , 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Work & Words

Bardzo męczący weekend , który jeszcze się nie skończył. Ale cieszę się, adrenalina wypłukuje z organizmu różne bzdury i dzielnie walczy z czerwiem twórczego lenistwa :) Jakiś czas temu zaangażowałam się w pewien Tolkienowski projekt, szczegóły na razie zachowam dla siebie, za to z pewnością pozwolę sobie niedługo napisać kilka słów o artystach związanych z tą tematyką... Nie mam czasu na nowe fotografie, za to mam plany i kilka nowych perspektyw, więc chyba nie ma tego złego...

A tiresome weekend, which hasn't finished yet, right. But I'm actually happy with this fact, adrenalin helps to get rid of a sort of toxics gathering in one's organism when the laziness appears to last for too long. Some time ago I got involved in a Tolkien-based project, I'll keep the details for myself (yet), but I'll share some words on artists painting themes inspired by Tolkien, they are definitely worth mentioning. But this soon...I have no time for new photographs, but I have plans and a couple of new perspectives...

Amaranth, 2007