Thursday, 14 May 2009


Am I being too sentimental, uhm? Now, some of you might have found out, where the befriended snowmen's ancestry has its roots ;)

P.S. Have a nice weekend, I'll be rather offline for these couple of days.


  1. Greetings Ms Maj…

    In sooth, I don’t have the vaguest notion what the above means. I remember the snowman you adopted, but I don’t see how that ties in with the photo of the child. Who is that – you in your infancy perhaps?

    Anyway, I’m here visiting your Realm of Blog hideaway in the Dead of Night (when decent God-Fearing Folk are fast asleep) for two reasons. First ‘cos I haven’t seen your recent work for ages, and secondly for the reasons you outlined in your latest DA Journal; so I’m going to prowl off and read your preceeding entry...

    *ethereal miaows & tipping of the hut* ;-)

    P.S. I love the current header piece on this blog : don’t think I’ve seen that one before, although the lakeside setting looks familiar – have you used it in other works?

  2. Hi Ethereal & thanks for stopping by:)
    Oh , you have a right not to understand this post , it's just for the initiated friends ,heheh.

  3. P.S. And the place is a very distant view on a castle that I showed on a couple of other works!